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OMG NEWS, the Entertainment Forefront with the Belize Music Awards


On the entertainment forefront there has been a lot of chatter about the upcoming Belizean Music Awards presented by Flavas Entertainment.  Lots of scandal and I mean lots. Last week I had Ras Indio on the show who pointed out that Belize has been having Award Shows dating back to 2004, even pulling up a news story from a Channel 5 broadcast where he won for the best Reggea Artist. “Dem a Fraud” Indio sais.

I checked out the Live Vibez Entertainment Website and it states that “Flavaz Entertainment presents its Second Annual Belize Music Awards”.  ITS is a very basic word but it does clarify that it is THEIR award show. Nonetheless the award show will be held on 28th January, 2012, and it will featured guest appearance by OMARION, we see if that promise comes through, as Belizeans we all know we have been PUNKED  in the past by promises of stars, so we will just have to wait and see if this happens.
The main uproar on the internet seems to be about categories and entertainers chosen for this particular award show the fact that certain mainstream DJ’s, Entertainers, were left out, and well known singer, Tanya Carter was only nominated for ONE spot…. And one of the biggest upsets thusfar is the fact that Lova Boy’s breakout Tune “Slowwww Tornado”  was not even nominated for an award, while it was in fact one of the most popular songs of 2011. And We all want to know why.

 On the Internet, namely facebook, threads and posts about the upcoming awards have been buzzing.

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