Didn't get a chance to watch the latest OMG TV Show? Well, here's your chance to catch up on all the action. OMG is the only late night entertainment talkshow in Belize, a show guaranteed to make you say Ohhh Miss Gegg! Hope we don't Step on Your Twinkle Toes!

Candid Moments on OMG, Ohhh Miss Gegg

Angela Gegg, Tanya Carter, Handa Cambranes, Linda Blease
Live on the OMG Oh Miss Gegg TV Show Set, with panelists, Tanys Carter, Linda Blease and Handa Cambranes. It was Girls Girls Gilrs on the OMG set on Thursday November the 4th. Tanya Carter wa sin the house, dropping acapella beats, freeslyling and having laughs with the panel. Tanya Carter she is the famale vocalist of the Year in Belize. Some of her Albums were given away during the show while viewers sent texts to our Digicell 1010-001 Request line and hit us up on the OMG facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/omgbelize

Singer/Songwriter Tanya Carter

Handa Cambranes, who was recently featured in the Belize Belikin Calendar for 2012 (launched about a montha ago) was also on set contributing to the show, longside Miss Linda Blease, resident DJ at Krem Radio, and Krem TV alumni. Blease is known for the popular Krem Krisus special which is put off every Year. The Show was specifically geared to a GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS panel, where viewers got to watch pictures of each of the girls lives, listen to us giving our thoughts on Daily events.
Angela Gegg & Jessi Betancourt

 Jessi Betancourt was the invited guest on the Show, Jessi entered the OMG Video Competition several months prior to the TV show and he won.. WE invited him on to tell Belize about himself, his artistic Vision and everything Jessi. As a surprise he got permission to give away two tickets to a San Pedro Event called the Island Invasion big Bash. Due to time restraints, we saved the tickets and played Jessis Raffle Video and gave the tickets away on the Nov 10th OMG TV SHOW.

 Jessi Betancourt, originally from Benque in the Western Region of Belize, by Cayo sent shutouts to his people back home and sent a special shutout to his mom and girlfriend while on set. He lives and works in Sunny San Pedro. His trip to Belize city was made possible by Tropic Air and The Great House Hotel as they sponsored his ticket and hotel room in Belize City. Early friday Morning he was back on his way to the Island.
The Island Invasion Tickets (given on OMG Nov 10th) were won by Cheyanne Yssigurri!

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