Didn't get a chance to watch the latest OMG TV Show? Well, here's your chance to catch up on all the action. OMG is the only late night entertainment talkshow in Belize, a show guaranteed to make you say Ohhh Miss Gegg! Hope we don't Step on Your Twinkle Toes!

Candid Moments on Set Ep 3

Ohhh Miss Gegg
Every Thursday Night LIVE on Krem Television with repeats all week. OMG is a late night talk-show geared to entertain Belize! Comedy, Parodies, Panelists, Guests, Events, Shows, Funny Stuff, Music, Entertainment, People, Places and Things. Every week is an interactive TV experience; Live with skits and fun segments; combined with a panel of entertainers, public figures, musicians who contribute to the show; as well as a Special guest to showcase their work. OMG is a new and different TV experience in Belize! Late Night TV has never been this good!!! 

With your host, Angela Gegg. And joining me on panel IS Saffyah Muhhamid, Christian Riveroll, Sharon Marin. And My guest for the Evening, Emaun Hyde, TV host of "My Back Yaad"

On panel for Thursday Night, November 10th, was well known Talkshow Host, WUB, wake up belize Morning Vibes talk-show, Ms Sharon Marin, adding to panel, from Channel 5's "whats happening Belize Segment" which airs every Friday on Channel 5, was Sayffiah Muhhamed, and to throw some male interaction into the mix i had Christian Riveroll of Chaps Bar and Grill. He brought with him a gift certificate for his restaurant of a Heineken Giveaway, which is always a plus at OMG..

Making the night a special one, Cake Chicks sent over a very special cake fro me as my Birthday was to follow on the 13th, She sent a Hello Kitty Cake, which you can see on my lap. The show got interesting with panel discussion, topics like Belize Da Foreign with Mr Bob BouNahra at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in Las Vegas, Which Christian Riveroll was versed on as well as our very own Ann who is representing Belize in China for the Miss World Pageant.

I was later joined my Emaun Hyde of My Back Yaad, another Krem TV production, and sponsored by BTB, she talked to us about her travel show and all the places in Belize she has visited, Emauns show is to show our fellow Belizeans the Diversity involved in Belize and that you can take a vacation right here at home! OMG - Ohhh Miss Gegg

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