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Its Official, we have a CUP... lol :)

The TOP contenders for RH Photo Belize Top model X-mas contest on Facebook


The TOP contenders for RH Photo Belize Top model X-mas contest on Facebook are:

#1 Team Janine Perriott with 904 VOTES!
#2 Team Chelsea Vernon with 868 VOTES!
#3 Team Giselle Gough with 797 VOTES!

 Voting ends at Midnight, DEC 20th, 2011! 
Anyone can win this competition!

Even though OMG supports all the girls, we do indeed have our Favorite!! XO

Watch Heineken TV Commercials on OMG

The OMG TV SHOW and Karl H Menzies from the Beverage Division in Belize, importers of Heineken Beer, wish all Belizeans a safe Holiday Season and Remind you all to DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

Seasons Greetings from OMG

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Hidden Talent?
Do You Have One?
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Cake Chics in Belize

Monique Young of Cake Chics talks CAKES and tells us about the business she and her cousin have established in Belize, her cakes are all the Rave. We LOVE Them!

Amazing cakes, Spectacular talent, Only in Belize!

The Famous birthday HELLO KITTY Cake made for Angela Gegg (OMG TV HOST)

Panel and Guests Ep6

In all her hotness, its the woman behind those Awesome Cakes, Monique Young
Repeat Panelist, Singer/Songwriter, Mellonie Gillett
Fighting for Gay Rights in Belize.... Caleb was in the house!
Tattoo experts, Luke Usher and Steve Mossiah were here

YouTube Shorts From ep6

Jackie Castillo talks performance Arts in Belize

Jackie Castillo, Singer, Songwriter, Performance Artist In Belize, working or the National Institute of Culture and History (commonly known as NICH) talked about the Bizzz... Check her out, watch ABOVE!

DJ Dalla talks about the DJ Industry In Belize

One of the Top DJ's in Belize,Troy DJ Flowers, known for throwing his amazing parties throughout Belize along with his major soundsystem that he developed in 2000, notorious for Music and as he says... Dancing, check out the video ABOVE

Richard Holder Debuts his new Band.. DETOUR

Richard Holder as famed photographer in Belize, but now he is moving onto MUSIC. He and his bandmates premiered the DETOUR BAND on OMG, EPIC!

candid moments on set ep5

Christmas Decor from Eye Candy

Crazy Green Reindeer, yep, thats what we got from Eye Candy, our favorite Accessories and Shoe Store! **Twinkle Toes all the way with their Shoes**, but better yet mounds of SUPER COOL Christmas Decorations for this holiday Season. We LOVE!