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Check Out DaWehDat.com's Video from Ep 4 Right Here! This is the Belizean Animals Session

Animals talk too, listen to what they have to say... right here, right now!!

In Case You Missed It, OMG ep 4

November 17th, 2011
Hope We Dont Step on Your Twinkle Toes! With Your Host, Angela Gegg, and on Panel, William Neal. Farrah Guererro and Miss Chedda Gegg Princessa. And guests for the show, from UB Belmopan, Janell Dawson & Randy Suazo talk Readers for Writers Program and Fashion.

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Late Night TV has never been this Good!

Candid Moments On Set Ep4

The fourth episode of OMG, ohhh Miss Gegg, was a packed show, fun filled with my panel line up of William Neal, Farrah Guerrero of the Belize Auto Show and accompanied by the one and only Miss Chedda Gegg Princessa. And later joined by Janell dawson and Randy Suazo talking Fashion and Readers for Writers at

My OMG panel usually consists of three people but since I had two guests for todays show, I brought Miss Chedda Gegg Princessa, AKA "Chedda" on board as a panelist. Chedda is known in Belize.

William Neal, host of Channel 5's serious Morning talkshow, Open Your Eyes, came on in a good mood and ready to talk entertainment, while Farrah kept it serious promoting The Belize Auto Show, which was happening in the weekend to follow. Regardless of Farrah's serious talk, I pulled pictures of her little one from facebook and she gave both her husband and daughter a delightful and unexpected shout out, while William was blind-sided by my when I showed a picture of him with and some University of Belize students, considering that he also holds the position of Dean of Students in Belmopan University of Belize.

Panel conversation was as usual fun and filled with laughs and highlights of local events happening around Belize, especially highlighting the weekends Show and Upcoming events throughout the country of Belize.  It was also an upcoming holiday, the Garifuna Settlement Day in Belize, so I showed a Video from the Belize Dance Company, a performance at the Bliss, which I shot during Women's Month in March.

We also had a hilarious video from dawehdat.com where their use of animals was entertaining as usual,  had us all laughing. In relation to the video which showcased animals talking to each other, William agreed that he often wondered what animals are thinking and saying, while i informed him that Chedda thought he was a stushy stush because he stated that he did not like dogs. And in no way shape or form wanted any pets in his house. In his final words before we cut to our fashion segment with Kristen Quan of Eye Candy, he said hi Chedda and bye Chedda, giving us an additional laugh.

We took it to my fashion segment at Eye Candy featuring Kristen Quan telling me all about her accessory review and talking non-stop shoes, we followed three trends of both shoes and accessories. 
After the fashion segment i was joined on set by two students, Randy Suazo and Janell Dawson from the University of Belize in the Readers for Writers class with professor, Amado Chan. The two did an interview with me for their class as i am a spoken word artist and also asked me to spit some lyrics on set, which i did, a little piece called SEX SELLS. Both guests, there to promote literature also have a hand in the fashion world and we talked about what fashion means to us as a generation, in Belize and  our love for vintage items. Episode 4 can be seen online on our website, where you can watch the whole show www.omgbelize.com
After the Show, the after party started with our usual food and drinks provided to us from Celebrity Restaurant in Belize City!

OMG Fashion Segment

Whats HOT at Eye Candy!!

Panel and Guests - OMG Ep 4

Farrah Guererro of MyBelize.net and the Belize Auto Show
Local Entertainer, William Neal
Superstar Chihuahua Miss Chedda Gegg Princessa
Janell Dawson and Randy Suazo 
from Readers for Writers at UB, Belmopan and Fashionistas for Life

Drink Responsibly with Heineken

Candid Moments on Set Ep 3

Ohhh Miss Gegg
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With your host, Angela Gegg. And joining me on panel IS Saffyah Muhhamid, Christian Riveroll, Sharon Marin. And My guest for the Evening, Emaun Hyde, TV host of "My Back Yaad"

On panel for Thursday Night, November 10th, was well known Talkshow Host, WUB, wake up belize Morning Vibes talk-show, Ms Sharon Marin, adding to panel, from Channel 5's "whats happening Belize Segment" which airs every Friday on Channel 5, was Sayffiah Muhhamed, and to throw some male interaction into the mix i had Christian Riveroll of Chaps Bar and Grill. He brought with him a gift certificate for his restaurant of a Heineken Giveaway, which is always a plus at OMG..

Making the night a special one, Cake Chicks sent over a very special cake fro me as my Birthday was to follow on the 13th, She sent a Hello Kitty Cake, which you can see on my lap. The show got interesting with panel discussion, topics like Belize Da Foreign with Mr Bob BouNahra at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in Las Vegas, Which Christian Riveroll was versed on as well as our very own Ann who is representing Belize in China for the Miss World Pageant.

I was later joined my Emaun Hyde of My Back Yaad, another Krem TV production, and sponsored by BTB, she talked to us about her travel show and all the places in Belize she has visited, Emauns show is to show our fellow Belizeans the Diversity involved in Belize and that you can take a vacation right here at home! OMG - Ohhh Miss Gegg

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Sharon Marin, OMG TV Host Angela Gegg, Christian Riveroll

 WUB talkshow Host, Sharon Marin with Chaps Bar & Grill Owner Christian Riveroll
 Sharon Marin, Emaun Hyde, Angela Gegg, Sayffiah Muhhamed, Christian Riveroll
Angela Gegg for OMG, Ohhh Miss Gegg with guest Emaun Hyde of My Back Yaad

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Krem Television is a Belizean television station established in 2004 and serving Belize City. Its manager is KREM Radio alumnus Evan "Mose" Hyde and it is part of KREMANDALA Ltd.

Since the late 1990s Kremandala Ltd., already holding portions of the newspaper and radio market in Belize, applied for a television license. The feud over the license dragged on for months; established media houses claimed Krem chairman Evan X Hyde was trying to corner the media market in Belize. Eventually KREM was granted license, and test broadcasts started in 2002.
Test broadcasts

Test broadcasts were conducted in 2002 and 2003, on CBC Channel 3 in Belize City. Among the programs shown were live audio feeds of KREM FM programs, old semi-pro basketball games featuring company team the Kremandala Raiders and documentaries.
KREM TV today

KREM came on the air in September 2004, under the slogan "Show weself, see weself, be weself" (Kriol for "Showing Ourselves, Seeing Ourselves, Being Ourselves"). The slogan captures the idea of creativity and not being a slave to a certain format, something KREM has long championed. A Christmas program aired in December attracted modest viewership.

In 2005, most of KREM's primetime radio programs began to be aired by television, including the Kremandala Show, Women at Work and WUB Morning Vibes. Framed around these programs were international documentaries featuring African and African-American issues and occasionally sports.

In Case You Missed It, OMG ep 3

On panel I was joined by Krem Television Hos of the Morning WUB talkshow, Sharon Marin, From Chaps Bar & Grill, Christian Riveroll, and if you wantt o know whats happening Belize Safiyyah Muhammed and joining me as the guest was "My Back Yaad" TV hose Emaun Hyde... Check it out!!! X

Didn't get a chance to watch OMG. Well here's your chance to catch up on  all the action. OMG is the only late night entertainment talkshow in Belize, a show guaranteed to make you say Ohhh Miss Gegg!

Panel and Guests - OMG ep 3

"Whats Happening Belize" from Channel 5, Safiyyah Muhhamad
Owner of Chaps Bar & Grill, Christian Riveroll

Popular Talkshow Host of the Morning WUB Show, Sharon Marin

On set with host Angela Gegg and guest Emaun Hyde of "My Back Yaad"

Can "Evan Mose Hyde" Handle the Lions In South Africa

Candid Moments on OMG, Ohhh Miss Gegg

Angela Gegg, Tanya Carter, Handa Cambranes, Linda Blease
Live on the OMG Oh Miss Gegg TV Show Set, with panelists, Tanys Carter, Linda Blease and Handa Cambranes. It was Girls Girls Gilrs on the OMG set on Thursday November the 4th. Tanya Carter wa sin the house, dropping acapella beats, freeslyling and having laughs with the panel. Tanya Carter she is the famale vocalist of the Year in Belize. Some of her Albums were given away during the show while viewers sent texts to our Digicell 1010-001 Request line and hit us up on the OMG facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/omgbelize

Singer/Songwriter Tanya Carter

Handa Cambranes, who was recently featured in the Belize Belikin Calendar for 2012 (launched about a montha ago) was also on set contributing to the show, longside Miss Linda Blease, resident DJ at Krem Radio, and Krem TV alumni. Blease is known for the popular Krem Krisus special which is put off every Year. The Show was specifically geared to a GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS panel, where viewers got to watch pictures of each of the girls lives, listen to us giving our thoughts on Daily events.
Angela Gegg & Jessi Betancourt

 Jessi Betancourt was the invited guest on the Show, Jessi entered the OMG Video Competition several months prior to the TV show and he won.. WE invited him on to tell Belize about himself, his artistic Vision and everything Jessi. As a surprise he got permission to give away two tickets to a San Pedro Event called the Island Invasion big Bash. Due to time restraints, we saved the tickets and played Jessis Raffle Video and gave the tickets away on the Nov 10th OMG TV SHOW.

 Jessi Betancourt, originally from Benque in the Western Region of Belize, by Cayo sent shutouts to his people back home and sent a special shutout to his mom and girlfriend while on set. He lives and works in Sunny San Pedro. His trip to Belize city was made possible by Tropic Air and The Great House Hotel as they sponsored his ticket and hotel room in Belize City. Early friday Morning he was back on his way to the Island.
The Island Invasion Tickets (given on OMG Nov 10th) were won by Cheyanne Yssigurri!

Fish Pedicures... All the rage?1? Yes, No, Maybe So!! U tell us

Doctor fish is the name given to two species of fish: Garra rufa and Cyprinion macrostomus. Other nicknames include nibble fish, kangal fish, physio fish, and doctor-fishen, in non-medical contexts, Garra rufa is called the reddish log sucker. They live and breed in the outdoor pools of some Turkish spas, where they feed on the skin of patients with psoriasis. The fish are like comb-fishes in that they only consume the affected and dead areas of the skin, leaving the healthy skin to grow, with the outdoor location of the treatment bringing beneficial effects. The spas are not meant as a curative treatment option, only as a temporary alleviation of symptoms, and patients usually revisit the spas every few months.

Watch here as we talk about FISH PEDICURES on OMG

Panel and Guests - OMG Ep 2

Singer/Songwriter and Female Vocalist of the Year, Tanya Carter

Facebook Celebrity and Calender Girl, Handa Cambranes

Krem Radios Very Own, Resident DJ, Linda Blease 

OMG host Angela Gegg with Guest Jessi Betancourt